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Classic East End Properties. Modern resort thinking.

We are reinventing property management

At Ocean Bay, we are changing property management and the way guests experience the East End. In this modern landscape, guests expect more, and that’s exactly what we deliver — more for our properties, stakeholders, owners and guests. That’s why at Ocean Bay, we call it property advancement.

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We start with our Innovative 360-degree approach

Using our proprietary approach and comprehensive services, we develop a holistic 360-degree strategy that reaches every touchpoint imaginable, at the property and beyond. It’s amazing what happens when everything works together.

Discover our unique collection of boutique resorts.

The East End is a place like no other, and we want to keep it that way. By working with one-of-a-kind resorts and properties, we give guests a diverse amount of options, with a consistent level of service.

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Including Everything

Getting exactly what you want is exactly what we want. It starts with having a diverse portfolio of properties to satisfy just about any requirement you can imagine, brought to you by a highly trained team of experts who not only know how to help you find your dream property, but who also enjoying doing it.

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When it comes to buying, selling, managing or renting property, you need a trusted partner who has experience and expertise. We have both—and more. From branding and marketing to day-to-day operations, renovations and service, there's no one more detail-oriented and result-driven than our team.

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